Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Backyard Boardwalk Photos

As promised, today I am posting some photos of the backyard boardwalk project. (In case you missed it, full details on my construction techniques are outlined in my post of August 30, 2004.) The boardwalk is complete and my attention recently has been on tidying up some of the finer details -- the micro things, such as strategic rock placement and mulching the area around the pond area. I will be building some small foot bridges on the property to cross over the drainage swails. When I get to these, I will build them from similar materials to the boardwalk, to tie-in the look and feel of the structure and provide some continuity in the yard.

Photo 1: This is a shot of the boardwalk under construction. I had already laid the "tracks" and was beginning to screw down the decking boards.

Photo 2: I wrote about how I approached the curved sections of the boardwalk. This is a close-up of the slats that I cut to make the curve.

Photo 3: Here is the completed boardwalk running along the edge of the pond and linking two areas of the property. Once the plant materials fill in around the pond, this should be quite a nice scene.

Photo 4: The completed boardwalk from another angle. Here you can see the gazebo and the patio area next to the pond. I will be building another table and chair set to place on the mulch next to the pond and in front of the lounders.


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